FARMERS AND HUNTERS FEEDING THE HUNGRY (FHFH) is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that began in Washington County, Maryland in the fall of 1997. FHFH now has over 125 Local Coordinators serving communities in 25 different states!

FHFH helps hunters return to their heritage as food providers by transforming deer and other big game--God-given renewable resources--into food for the hungry. FHFH Coordinatorss raise money to pay approved, health inspected meat processors to cut, package and freeze the meat donated by hunters. The meat is then given free of charge to food banks and local feeding ministries for distribution to the hungry.

Venison is a nutritious, high-protein, low-fat food item. Food banks such as those of the America's Second Harvest network consistently indicate that fresh meat one of the items they need the most--yet due to the expense it is typically in short supply.

For more information about FHFH please visit our website at www.fhfh.org.